EClinic Quick Support?

For your easy reference we have provided the following Q&A based on the FAQ of our successful patients. Please scroll down the page to view. For answers to questions directly related to your specific health and wellness goals please feel free to contact the Let's Get Thin MD office during regularly scheduled clinic hours at (704) 766-1000.


The Let's Get Thin MD Home Advantage EClinic is a medically supervised live videoconference visit with a licensed, professionally qualified Let's Get Thin MD weight loss consultant over the internet. The ECLinic visit takes the place of your monthly in-person visit to the clinic; your individualized treatment plan will be reviewed just as if you were sitting in the clinic; your HIPAA secure records will be updated; and any required medications and/or supplements are shipped via signature authorized delivery to your NC address.

The Let's Get Thin MD EClinic is currently available to any of our established, medically stable patients who reside in North Carolina and have completed at least two in-person clinic visits. One of our weight loss experts must evaluate you in person to determine if you are medically stable, meet our criteria, and receive your written consent to enroll.

Unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the EClinic at this time if you don't live in North Carolina. This is because State laws governing the use of telemedicine at this time require that you live in the same state as the healthcare practitioner is licensed and practicing. If this changes, we'll let you know!

Current Let's Get Thin MD EClinic fee structure is:

Paid At Time Of EClinic Appointment
1 Visit = $80.00

Pre-Pay Packages
1 Visit = $75.00
2 Visits = $144.00
3 Visits = $201.00

Note: all purchase are final; there are no refunds, credits, or transfer of funds.

When you "pre-pay" you are purchasing the weight loss expert consultation portion of your overall fee. Similar to when you are seen in the clinic, depending on your recommended treatment program there will be additional fees for medications and/or supplements that will be charged and payable at the checkout time of your visit.

No. In fact we recommend you only pre-pay for a single EClinic visit until you have the opportunity to see if the EClinic is right for you. Remember all purchases are final and there are no refunds or transfers of credit for the EClinic visits. You can pay for your visit at the time of your visit, it is however at a higher fee.

The EClinic visits are similar in length to your in-person appointments. Your consultation is approximately 10 minutes, however the visit will take a bit longer as you also have the check-in, workup, and checkout process. An important thing to remember is to properly test your device setup prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid any unnecessary delays.

We have multiple weight loss experts, including Dr. Michael Girouard and Dr. Jonie Girouard who are seeing patients through the EClinic. Most likely, you will have the opportunity to meet many of them. If you desire to continue to see the same provider at every visit, we encourage you to come to your in-person visits at your preferred clinic.

No, you can complete your visit from your mobile device as long as you have a high speed internet connection, wifi access, and are in a private and secure location to protect your health information. For the best results, download and install the specific VSee Clinic Android or iPhone app designed exclusively for Let's Get Thin MD EClinic to your mobile device when you are at home. Then at login when asked for the clinic name, enter the term getthin.

You will need to log in to the EClinic and cancel your appointment and then re-schedule your appointment at a time you are available. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or missed may incur a surcharge.

This is unusual, however at times it does occur especially if your blood pressure is too high. In this instance, you will not be charged for the EClinic visit (it will remain credited on your EClinic account) and you will be scheduled for an in-person clinic visit at the earliest available appointment so we can review your condition.


To successfully participate in an EClinic visit you will need the proper login credentials, a high speed internet connection, an electronic device such as a desktop PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, Android or iPhone smartphone, with the proper EClinic application downloaded to each device you intend to communicate with.

To make the most of your EClinic visit we recommend you test the video and audio features of your device before your scheduled appointment.

Additionally, you will need the appropriate equipment to measure your BP, your pulse, your weight, and your waist circumference, as these are measurements you are required to provide during the initial workup phase of each EClinic visit. Our staff can make recommendations should you be in need of any of this equipment.

EClinic visits can also be completed using Android and iPhone smartphones with the proper app installed. Otherwise, with your unique and private email you can remotely access from a friend or family members computer, as long as that computer has the correct app installed and you properly log in, you could use their computer to privately complete your appointment.

You can find the specific VSee Clinic Android app designed exclusively for Let's Get Thin MD EClinic you need here:

Let's Get Thin MD EClinic

You can find the specific VSee Clinic iPhone app designed exclusively for Let's Get Thin MD EClinic you need here:

Let's Get Thin MD EClinic

During an in-person clinic visit you will receive the credentials you need to successfully log in to your EClinic visit.

You can only change your EClinic PIN# with proper identification in person at one of our clinics.

It is best to check your blood pressure within 48 hours of your appointment. You should be relaxed and sit for at least 5 minutes before checking it. Sit with both feet on the ground and your arm at approximately chest level.

It is best to check your weight and waist circumference the morning of your appointment.

We recommend an Inbody every 3-4 months depending on your individual needs. You will need to have an in-person visit at that time.

The first thing to do is to re-launch and/or re-install the application as an update may have occurred since your last visit.

The first thing to do is to re-launch and/or re-install the application on your device. Test the application as well (there are directions to follow) when you log in. Often using simple ear-buds (that come with most phones) will help you hear better if there is noise in the background.

Depending on the day and time of your enrollment, you should receive an appointment notification within 2 full business days.

Depending on the day and time of your EClinic visit, you should receive your medications within 2 full business days of your appointment.